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In a first, Valley girl develops ‘Dial Kashmir’ (Kashmir monitor)

Srinagar: Tired of surfing the internet to get important contacts of different departments or officials, worry no more as a local girl has developed an android application that contains over 500 contacts in it.
An ambitious Computer Engineer and an Android application developer, Mehvish Mushtaq has created history by being the first Kashmiri to have developed a ‘Kashmir centric’ android application.
‘Dial Kashmir’ an android application developed by Mehvish contains contact details of many government and private departments.

Mehvish (23) has completed her Bachelors from SSM College OF Engineering and Technology (B.E -Computer Science).
“Dial Kashmir is an application that caters specifically to the Kashmir region, my native place. It provides the users extensive information like addresses, phone numbers and email ids of various essential services in various sectors in Kashmir such as hospitals, education, transport, police and so on,” says Mehvish a resident of Barzulla.
Mehvish says her love for the technology was the main driving force behind developing this application.
“It intrigues me, I always was attracted to this stuff,” she says.
“My basic purpose of developing ‘Dial Kashmir’ was to provide information easily to the net savvy Kashmiri people. Also, it will be of great help to the tourists who face an enormous language barrier in Kashmir and hence many difficulties while exploring the breathtaking Kashmir! My aim was to make a practically helpful Kashmir centric application,” she explains.
In the month of January this year, Mehvish, a tech savvy girl, after surfing the internet joined an online course of android application designing at
“The online course was for one month and at the end of this course we had to develop something it was an online course and it took me round about 2 weeks in February to develop this application,” she says.
Since the application was developed, the response has been encouraging as the application has been downloaded by over 400 hundred people, besides witnessing an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.
“This application has a vast market potential which can be easily tapped through online marketing strategies especially via social networking. Though, many people especially our elder generation are not much aware about android yet the general response is very encouraging,” says Mehvish.
Till now the application contains the contacts of education dept, fire services, gas agencies, hospitals, police etc, But Mehvish is mulling to introduce the details about tourist attractions, Ngo's, Public utilities (water and PDD), hotels, travel agents, markets etc and in the next version of the app, “And I have also decided to include the phone numbers of Waza community in it, as they form an indispensable part of our culture,” she quips.
The android application is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded from ‘Google play an international android application market’.
Asked about the message for the younger generation, she replied "Dream big, start small, but most importantly, START."

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