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J&K woman develops Valley's first android app (Daily mail)

Mehvish Mushtaq Hakak, a 23-year-old computer science student, has become a role model for Kashmiri youths by developing the first-ever android application for the Valley - Dial Kashmir. 
Mehvish is the first Kashmiri to develop an android application. 
Dial Kashmir contains over 500 contacts of government departments and private numbers.
It is a one-stop source for "essential information" about the state. 
"Dial Kashmir is an application that may be described as a virtual yellow pages directory," Mehvish said. 
"It has the contact details of essential services in Kashmir. The main idea behind developing this app is helping people connect easily. It is not easy to find phone numbers in Kashmir. 
"After cellphones made their way into our lives, I thought of developing an app that could act as a database for all major numbers," she added. 
Hakak, who did an android course online from, said it took her two weeks to develop the app.
"Basically, I am tech-savvy. Technology has always fascinated me. When I cleared my engineering entrance test, I had sufficient points to get into any branch of engineering. 
"Many people told me to choose something other than computer science but I held onto my interest," she said. 
"I am going to focus on making this application better and more useful. I want to concentrate on Dial Kashmir," she added.
Hakak has done her schooling from Presentation Convent School Srinagar and Mallinson Girls School. She did her BE in computer Science from SSM College of Engineering and Technology. 
"Ever since I developed the app, I have been getting mails from all over the country. It feels really good that people are appreciating my work so much," Hakak said. 
About the response to her application, she said: "Some mails are touching and I feel overwhelmed by the feedback I am getting.
"I hadn't thought that this app would become so popular and get some 4,000 downloads and a rating of 4.75 on 5."


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