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Jannat Of Technology | first Android App by a Kashmiri Girl !

Why should I be the second someone, when I could be the first me…..??? “….these confidant words are from the 23-year-old, kashmiri girl, Mehvish Mushtaq……!!
Computer engineer by profession, and dreamer by passion…..!
She has become the very 1st kashmiri girl to develop an Android application, named ‘Dial Kashmir’. This master application contains over 500 most important contacts of government and even private departments.

Mehvish Mushtaq, who has completed her B.E. in Computer engineering, had claimed that, this application has achieved thousand plus downloads and even 4.7 rating out of 5, which is itself a tremendous response, for this ambitious girl ! Saying more about her master creation ‘Dial Kashmir’, she admits  that it provides detailed information like addresses,phone numbers and even email-id’s of various essential services and other departments in Kashmir. In short, it is a “one stop source” for essential information on various utilities like, healthcare, education, transport, police and many more.
She felt a need to develop such an application because unlike outside where there are many apps and websites which contain such information, Kashmir had still none. So, now onwards no one needs to go through tedious process of surfing and searching on internet, directories and websites.
Asking about developing this application, she replied that she had done the online course of android based application and at the end of which, she had to develop something as a part of project, and then she got the idea about creating this new feature. So this is how she developed “helpful Kashmir centric application”, with the help of her “yes actually, I can” attitude.
A fond of lover of music and Atif Aslam, adds further that, the word “technology” always fascinates her, and anything related to “tech” has always been her soul of interest….!This young girl has beautiful dream of helping her own kashmiri people and turning them more and more into Technocrat….!
Mehvish, firmly believes that, girls in Kashmir are not at all “second to none” and definitely  “can achieve anything”….!
“The response to this application has  surely been inspiring and boosting to my confidence to develop something more and more such kind of features in future…..”she says. She has given the encouraging message to all the ambitious technocrats and even non-technocrats, who are willing to fulfill their dreams,” We just have to keep a dream alive and start working towards realizing that dream….! We are second to none and once we set on something, we can achieve it. Never let your dream die, and always remember, the best way to be succeed is to start somewhere…..!! “ how inspiring these words are,  from this young ambitious girl….!aren’t they….??
After getting hearting response to her this endeavor, she is  trying to make this applicationbetter by adding new features. Being an first kashmiri woman technocrat, she has been an inspiration to many more ambitious women.
kudos to you  Ms. Mehvish…..bravo….keep bringing this technological jannat in Kashmir….!!!

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