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Kashmiri Girl Develops Public Information Android App For People In The Region

Mobile apps are making hitherto difficult scenarios really easy thus saving us a lot of time and energy for many people all over the country.  Nowhere is this superbly demonstrated than the instance of Mehvish Mushtaq, who has developed an Android app which collects and supplies the most vital contact details in the Kashmir region. The app called Dial Kashmir is a repository of all contact information of important places, services and organizations in Kashmir such as hospitals, schools, district offices etc. You can see the app in the screenshots below. The app is pretty smooth and does its job of getting you your information within a few steps. You can tap on numbers provided in the app and you are taken straight to the dial screen. This reduces a lot of effort while contacting the listed services. Currently, the app has around 1000+ downloads and this is a pretty decent figure considering its localization to the Kashmir region.
The developer, Mehvish is a 23 year old engineer from the Pattan area in Kashmir. Mehvish spoke about her reason behind developing the app, “I felt a need to develop such an application because unlike outside where there are many apps and websites which contain such information, Kashmir had none. ‘Dial Kashmir’ would provide information easily to the people here. There are many users of Android platform based mobile phones here.” The app took 2 weeks to develop and even though it is simple, it is very functional.  She plans to keep adding new information to the app on a recurring basis. This will make the app even more important to Kashmiris as mobile Internet usage increases in the region. You can download the app using the Google Play link given below and tell us what you think of it.