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Kashmiri Girl First in J&K To Develop an Android App

Mehvish Mushtaq with a B.E. in Computer Science, is a 23 year old computer engineer living in Kashmir. She has the distinction of being the first in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir to come up with a novel Android app, Dial Kashmir.
She states on her Facebook page that she does not want to be second to anyone; only the first. According to her, she was inspired to come up with this app since there are similar apps giving information on other regions but none focused on Kashmir. Mehvish lives in uptown Barzulla area and is of the opinion that locals and outsiders will find Dial Kashmir immensely useful. She claims that the application has been downloaded over a thousand times on Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.
According to the Outlook magazine, Mehvish enrolled for an online Android application designing course in January. Coupled with her educational skills and an 'I can' attitude, she came up with the very Kashmir-centric app. She said it took her two weeks to develop the app. An avid music lover, Mehvish is a technology buff and has always dreamt of developing something that would be of help to her fellow citizens. She completed her B.E. from the SSM College of Engineering and Technology in Pattan area of Baramulla District. Confident in her tone, she said in an interview to PTI that girls of Kashmir can achieve anything they set their minds on.
With Dial Kashmir, you can access information of departments, officials and public utilities in the State such as addresses, phone numbers and email IDs. The app provides comprehensive information on healthcare, transport, police and education sectors from a single point; saving people time they would otherwise have spent surfing the web.
Mehvish says the response is encouraging and that she is at work on refining it still further to pack in more information.
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