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The mobile market in India is growing at a fast pace, as we showed on our recent report about IM app users in the country.
But what’s more interesting are the social and digital trends emerging in this 1.2-billion-people giant, and the rise of mobile-based startups. Here we’ll show three mobile apps that have been recently launched in India:
  • Dial Kashmir, a local information directory.
  • Traffline, a popular street traffic-related service.
  • Candidly, a cool photo sharing app.


23-year-old Mehvish Mushtaqm is a young Kashmiri entrepreneur who is using technology – and her will for change – to bring a big help in her homeland. She in fact is the first Kashmiri woman to develop an android application.

Dial Kashmire

After an IT education and a web course about app development, she developed Dial Kashmir, an app that provides detailed information about addresses, phone numbers and email IDs of local services, institutions and government departments in the Kashmir area.
The app – which can be described as a “virtual Yellow Pages directory” – brings an essential service to an area which bases its economy mainly on agriculture, and counts over 5 million people across India and Pakistan.
Dial Kashmir is being promoted through a Facebook Page, and it also uses Twitter and WeChat as channels for support and business contact. The application has gained an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, with more than 10 thousand downloads on Google Play.

Dial Kashmir

In recent times several digital-based projects in rural areas of India have been able to gain international attention; the groundbreaking story of Mehvish turned her into a role-model for Kashmiri youths, and has been covered by The Daily Mail.


All over the world an Israeli GPS-based app made a big hit: it’s called Waze, it was launched in Israel in 2008, and helps people to avoid street traffic.
If there’s a place in the world where traffic jams are really heavy and stressful, this place is India, a country home to over 20 million cars.
That’s why a group of Mumbai-based entrepreneurs developed Traffline, a web-based project and smartphone app that helps users from big metropolitan area in the country – such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi – providing them real-time info about traffic jams.

Traffline India

Traffline also shows instantaneous details on the congestion such as processions, blocked vehicles or accidents, via a crowdsourced system of real-time information sharing. It also provides the numbers of local traffic police.

Mobile App India

But what are users gaining by helping sharing info on the app? They can be rewarded with points that can be redeemed inside the application (more on Buzzom).
Traffline is also on Facebook, and it’s active with a nice blog about the traffic situation in the biggest Indian citie. Real time info are also shared on Twitter (with specific channels for MumbaiDelhi and Bangalore).

Traffline Twitter


Here’s another app inspired to a global phenomenon. We are talking about Candidly,a mobile app leveraging on the image-sharing apps trend that are taking over the Internet – like Snapchat. Candidly was founded by Indian serial entrepreneur Vinay Bharathwaj.

Mobile India

So what makes it different? It gives new features such as collaborative shared photo albums, and a more immersive sharing of personal moments, voice messages and also 10-second videos.

Mobile India

If you want to know more about the app, you can check out the funny updates on Candidly’s Facebook page, or get it on Google Play!


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